YORK Tec Air 2

The YORK Tec Air 2 Air - Suspension is a product specifically developed for general transportation requirements. It is applicable for on road and moderate road conditions. 

Technical data



Axle Load: 9 - 10 t
Suspension Axle Centers: Variable, pending on trailer design & application
Spring Pack: Single leaf spring - parabolic
Spring Width: 100x50 - parabolic
Suspension Hangers: Steel hangers with offset adjustable wheel alignment
Right Height: 235 - 420 mm; Under / Overslung
Axle Clamp Group: ø 127 / 150 mm


Product information

The YORK Tec Air 2 suspension is a product specifically developed for general transportation requirements in delivery services. It fits perfectly for highway and modern road use.  

The YORK Tec Air 2 offers the following: 

  • Special feature: The same Suspension components can be used for Over and  Underslung applications.    
  • Weight preference  due to the single leaf springs.   
  • Air Suspensions suitable for on Highway road and modern road conditions.  
  • Air Suspension – 360mm Air bag option for better ride performance.   

Recommended use


CATALOGUE: York Trailer Spare Parts
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